Living Organisms Use Elements As The Medium For The Chemical Reactions Necessary To Maintain Life

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January 30, 2014
Chapter 2 Review Questions
1. Living organisms use Elements as the medium for the chemical reactions necessary to sustain life.
2. What are the three subatomic particles and their charges? Protons-Positive, Neutrons-Neutral, Electrons-Negative
3. What is a compound? A compound is a substance that contains two or more elements in a fixed ratio.
4. What ion is commonly associated with acidic pH? Citrus
5. Which subatomic particle is involved in the interaction of two atoms during the formation of a bond? Proton and Electron are involved in the interaction.
6. What is the difference between a covalent bond and ionic bond? A covalent bond is when two atoms share one or more pairs of outer-shell electrons, and Ionic bond is a complete transfer of an electron between atoms.
7. What is a chemical bond? Is an attraction between atoms that allows the formation of chemical substance that contain two or more atoms
8. What characteristic of water allows plants to distribute water to all its extremities? The cohesion of Water helps transport water through the plants roots.
9. What is the difference between heat and temperature? Heat is the amount of energy with the movement of the atoms, and temperature is the measurement of the intensity of heat
10. Why does ice float? Ice floats because when water freezes the molecules moves apart thus making less dense the liquid water.
11. In a salt solution, the solvent is water and the solute is salt.
12. What is