Living Policy Limits Choices Of Students Essay

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Living Policy Limits Choices Of Students
Pepperdine requires two years of living on campus, which restricts students’ choices. Students should have the freedom to choose whether they live on campus or off campus. Many students disagreed with it, for many had various problems with living on campus, such as financial, cost performance, food, habits and relational. Most students agree to living on campus for their first year in order that they better understand the school and make friends. However, many believe two years is waste time. Students lose many chances to find part-time jobs and find out what the real world.
First, money is the most important thing that students consider when considering living options. Dorm rates at Pepperdine range from $5440 to $6825 per semester, but only $5200 to $7200 when living off campus. Living off campus can also provide more comfort and freedom. Jackie Chen, a sophomore who has lived on campus for two years says, “ I have already live on campus for two years, it spent more than twenty thousand dollars. But if I live off campus that only cost me fifteen thousand dollars.” Jackie is not only one who cares about the financial situation. Matt, a freshman of Pepperdine says, “ My friend study in the University of Arizona and just spends $3000 per semester for living on campus.” Many students complain that the cost for on living in Pepperdine is too expensive.
Even though students who live on campus spend more than the students from other schools and students live off campus, they think they enjoy less comfort. When living on campus, most of the students have to share a room and bathroom with their roommates, but if they live off campus they have their own rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Hans Li, who lives in Malibu Canyon says, “ In my room, there is a king bed, a kitchen and a bathroom.” Also in some communities, there are basic facilities as there are on campus. Angel Tang says, “ In our community, there are tennis and basketball courts, swimming pool, and a gym.” Therefore, many students can enjoy the benefits of living on campus while living off campus, but still enjoy more freedom.
Moreover, many students who want to work off campus do not agree with the policy. College students need some part-time job to cover their daily expenses and earn some work experience. Some of them have to waste time and money to drive to work and back. Denny, a student who has to work in Santa Monica from 4 to 7pm said, “ I can rent an apartment in Santa Monica if school do not have this policy, so I do not have to drive back to school after my work. Also the traffic is so bad at the time when I back to school.” By allowing students to live off campus their second year, they can work and save that money by not driving back to Malibu.
Also, some international students who have some special food demand cannot cook for themselves because there are no kitchens in the most of dorms. Even though some dorms have kitchen, international food may make the other students feel uncomfortable. Therefore, they do not like to live on campus for two years. Jai Hyun Chai is international student from South Korea who said, “ I cannot bear American food every meals so I like cook by myself, but there is no kitchen in my dorm that is very inconvenient.” Some international students usually go out to eat two times a week, which also makes them spend more money and time. Yunni, a Chinese freshman said, “ One day, I made some Chinese food that have some spicy sauces. My roommates felt very uncomfortable and told me that do not make it again. American food is totally different with Chinese food.” For international students who have their own food habits and have great difficulty adapting to a new cuisine. However, living off campus would grant them the freedom to cook and eat foods they are comfortable with.
Another quality of living on campus that makes students want to live off campus is the need to share rooms. Many students