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RUNNING HEAD. Quality Improvement Program Project

Quality Improvement Program Project
The Living Prepared Bracelet.
Nursing Leadership and Management, NRS451V
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RUNNING HEAD. Quality Improvement Program Project

The Living Prepared Bracelet
The modern personal jewelry for Medical Alert and Emergency Responses. Top of Form
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Most people in today's modern world want to live a healthier life, and they want to be prepared for problems in the event of their becoming suddenly sick or disabled. Most people know that when the ambuloance crew arrives, they want to know the patient's medical history, any medications that they are taking, and other medical-related information. I feel that many people will be willing to use The Living Prepared Bracelet to in order to keep their medical information close at hand. The Living Prepared Bracelet will enable the medical personnel to help the patient in the event of a sudden illness or injury, even when there is no family members close at hand to provide information. I feel that the Living Prepared Bracelet will accomplish this desire in a cost-effective and timely manner. The Living Prepared Bracelet is a medical alert system which is particularly designed for seniors, and any family members who may need this service. This bracelet will enable seniors and home-bound family members to stay independent, and may enable them to avoid going to a nursing home. This bracelet can help those who need it to ive alone without being alone. Each Living Prepared Bracelet has a small button which is linked to the local 911 center in each city. With the push of a button, the Living Alert bracelet provides help in an emergency 254/7, even if the person cannot reach a phone or family member. The bracelet is also computer-enabled with a USB built into the bracelet. Most ambulance crews and Emergency Rooms use computers for their everyday care of patients, and this bracelet plugs into any computer, and

RUNNING HEAD. Quality Improvement Program Project brings up the information that has been pre-programmed into the small memory chip. The information is displayed on a Microsoft page which is able to be downloaded or printed with all the information that is needed by the caregivers. My Living Prepared Bracelet can make use of many advertising venues, in order to get our name out to the public who can use this product. The Living Prepared Bracelet can make use of special promotions, coupons, flyers, and local newspapers to put our product out there. Also, a dedicated phone number will be employed that customers can call, and they can be met by one of our representatives. An email database can be formed, and use can be made of social media sites, such as FaceBook, Twitter, and the like. In order to advertise our product to potential customers, professional displays can be created in local libraries, senior centers, nursing homes, local colleges, and anywhere that potential customers might congregate. These displays should be eye-catching in order to attract the attention of potential customers, and any vendors who might be interested in selling our product, or buying it for their own personal use. Also, colorful flyers can be used at local businesses and the general community in order to spread the word of our new bracelet. Promotional coupons can be uploaded to the databases, and can be enabled to be printed out on personal printers, in order for the interested customer to take advantage of any promotional campain in in effect at that time. If the customer purchases our product, special

RUNNING HEAD. Quality Improvement Program Project coupons can be attached to the customer's receipt for future savings on any of our other products. We are sure that once the general public becomes aware of the reliability of our product, word of mouth will spread our product far and wide. The Living Prepared Bracelet will, in and of itself, have to convince