Liz Addison Two Years Are Better Than Four Summary

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The essay “Two Years Are Better Than Four” by Liz Addison shows her response to the different perspective of Mr. Perlstein about the matter of colleges and her disagreement with Mr. Perlstein’s statement that “The college experience—a rite passage as it was meant it to be—must have come to an end”(212). In another similar essay called “Why Do You Think They’re Called For-Profit Colleges?” by Kevin Carey, the same opinion has made about the importance of colleges. Carey’s opinion about Clifford “He’s an interesting man—sincere, optimistic, a true believer in higher education and his role as a force for good”(217). I agree with the two authors about the importance of community colleges, and that for-profit colleges may be another option for the student, although for-profit colleges’ tuition is too high and the degree may be worthless. …show more content…
Liz Addison’s thought that community colleges are a great system provided by the government. I agree with Addison about that point because as a college student who attend a community college, I have learned many things. In a similar essay by Kevin Carey title, “Why Do You Think They’re Called For-Profit Colleges?” the author focused on the high percentage of students who graduate with a worthless degree. Carey also mentions that not all for-profit colleges are bad. I also agree with Carey about the education from for-profit college because they provide another form of education. There still does not exist enough evidence to prove that for-profit colleges are all bad. Some community colleges do not offer a good education