Lizzie Borden Short Story

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People may not know why Lizzie Borden became an axe murder but this is the story of her life. Lizzie Borden was a polite young lady who was an axe murder that people under estimated. People underestimated her because women murders did not necessarily exist during this time period. She may not be an amazing person but she is the center of this story. Lizzie Borden's life story is a great part of history but not all of it is one hundred percent true; but then again whose is. However, there are people who do not have a strong stomach and they may not want to continue this life story on such a mysterious lady. Lizzie Borden's life story is a part of history because of her childhood, why she started killing people, and everyone that she killed. Lizzie Borden was the third daughter born and the last. Lizzie was born on July 19, 1860. She had two older sisters but the second died at age two from water touching her brain. So when Lizzie was born her sister Emma was greatly excited. Sadly their mother died soon after Lizzie was born, and Emma promised her mother to watch out for Lizzie. So from then on Emma was similar to the mother figure in Lizzie's life. However, soon Mr. Borden would find …show more content…
Her life story is one that isn't similar to many others in her time and not very many in this time. Her childhood is similar to the people of this century but still different enough to change who she would be. The idea as that made her start killing people have their skepticism but there are true things that could change the view of the world to a person. Now she was declared innocent of these murders but the human race doesn't know everything, only God does. If there are people who read this life story about Lizzie Andrew Borden and feel this have questions beyond this world's answers, then you will have to wait till you meet the