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Literacy Narrative Writing
• Assignment Introduction
• Genre Overview
• Sample Narrative for review • Brainstorming Activities

What is a Narrative Essay?

A narrative is a story
A narrative essay is a story that has a specific point ●

A narrative essay strives to teach a lesson or
A narrative essay strives to make a specific point
A narrative essay is not a diary entry – the story is linked to the purpose of the essay What is autobiographical writing? ●

Donald Murry is trying to get his audience to reconsider the construct of where our writing comes from.

What does it mean to say that all writing is autobiographical? What is autobiographical writing? ●

He talks about how our writing is made up of personal experiences, thoughts, and emotions about situations we have experienced or feelings we have felt. When we read the works of others we sometimes put ourselves into those situations and think about what we would do or how we feel. We try to relate what we're reading, listening to, or watching, to our lives.

Murray states that, “We make up our own history, our own legends, our own knowledge by writing our autobiography”
(73). What does this mean to you? Spend a few moments thinking about this, jot some ideas down and then we will discuss the quote as a class.

What is autobiographical writing? ●

By explaining that, “we make up our own history, our own legends, our own knowledge by writing our autobiography”
Murry may be suggesting that we take what we want from each piece we read and can come up with our own ideas with how we want to react to them, or even ideas for a new topic we want to write about (73).

What Should Be Included in a
Narrative Essay?

Often written in 1st person – I or we – because it is based on a personal story
Can also be written in 3rd person

● Can never be written in 2nd person

Has specific sensory details to get the reader hooked on the story
Is developed in chronological order
Has verbs that help paint a picture and draw in the reader

What Else Does the Narrative
Essay Need?

Since this is a story, the narrative essay needs everything a story needs (these are known as the story elements):

Has a plot and shows a depiction of events through time

Has characters which shows connectedness between all characters and events

Has a problem (i.e., there is tension)

Has a climax/pivotal moment

Often uses dialogue with strong concrete details and vivid description

Resolution (either explicit or implied)

Planning the Narrative
● Write a thesis statement, or rather, a

purpose statement of where you would like your story to go.
Brainstorm for a personal story or observation that illustrates or proves the overall purpose of your story
Outline or web the important parts of the story to be told
Write an introductory paragraph that includes the thesis statement, and then write the story
Because this is a story, use as many paragraphs as necessary to tell the story
Write the conclusion that reflects on the purpose. Start With a Thesis Statement or purpose statement

This statement will depend upon the story to be proven.
This statement can be something general in the case of a narrative essay. For example, you may write, “Oftentimes people do not follow simple directions. However, these campers learned just how important following directions can be.”

What Would You Expect From
This Statement?

As the reader, you will expect to learn why following directions is important.
As the reader, you will expect to read a story about camping.
As the reader, you will expect there to be a twist in the action.

Outline the Parts of the Story and Write Out the Story
An Informal Outline of the Story:
● Two campers go camping and ignore rules
● They leave out food
● An animal finds the food
● One of the campers tries to scare off the animal ● Campers learn to follow the rules

Let’s Read the Essay – The
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