Essay about Lmx Theory

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The LMX theory suggests that when subordinates believe in themselves they become empowered to do better at a given task improving production and job performance. LMX theory has shown that leaders who motivate and offer subordinates tools to improve skills and gain confidence will result in employees performing better. In the case of a Tale of Two Coaches, there is strong evidence of the LMX theory in both case studies. Both Coach K and Coach Knight use motivational tactics and training to improve athlete’s abilities and trust. Through drills and practices subordinates gain confidence in there sport and feeds there will to play better by improving there skills and abilities.
Both coaches used the tools of discipline, tough love and
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All team members were projected to do more than the requirements, in turn each coach also went above and beyond as leaders. There main tools of motivation were through fear, love, trust, discipline and respect. Therefore, although there was strong evidence of the LMX theory in both cases there were also some inconsistencies that could not be applied with the theory. In conclusion, both coaches were great leaders that developed specific traits, styles, power bases and beliefs to being an effective leader. To be a winning leader a person must exhibit certain dominate leadership traits that will draw followers to there style and beliefs. In the two case studies both coaches displayed traits of intelligence and determination, however each had there own specific dominate traits which distinguished there style of leadership. Coach K’s dominate traits were integrity and sociability because he stressed the importance of trust in building relationships with players and he displayed more sensitivity for the needs of players. He demonstrated these traits through his face to face contact, analyzing strategies to understand players, being flexible and allowing players the freedom to be who they are by building relationships through family dinners and get together. Coach Knight demonstrates dominate traits of self-confidence and