LO2 Unit 6- How media producers create products Essay

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Writing the Best Personal Statement in the World
Paragraph One: Why do you want to study this course?
Why are you interested? Where does your interest come from? What are your career aspirations (hopes)? How will the course help you to develop your skills and knowledge for you chosen Career? Have you had an relevant work experience that demonstrates your insight into the career? Where did you work? What were Your roles and responsibilities? What did you learn? How do you know this course is right for you?
Paragraph Two: Would you enjoy further study?
Are you a keen, enthusiastic, motivated student? Give
Evidence. How does your current course relate to the one you’ve applied for?
What have you enjoyed and why?
Paragraph Three: Why will you make a good university student?
What attitudes and skills relating to your current course will make you a good H.E. student? Give evidence. Working independently­ are you organised? Can you plan your work and meet deadlines? Can you research effectively and confidently using a variety of sources? Do you enjoy research, what sources do you prefer using? Do you use research to support your ideas? (Perhaps give An example of an assignment you did that required research) Can you analyse and come up with new ideas? Are you creative? (You don’t need to go into a great deal of detail but, if you do say you are good at something or enjoy something, give examples) Working with others – can you work well with others? Give
Evidence of a task you have worked on as part of a team and Explain your contribution. Do you like sharing