Lobster Tails Research Paper

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How to cook lobster tails
Lobster tails are delicious and you can cook them for a nice meal or just for a hearty snack. You can make for many people or just yourself and they are easy to make. They might sound complicated but they are pretty simple to make if you know how to.
Step 1: No matter what you want to do, fry them, boil them, bake them, roast them or grill them the first thing is to thaw them. You have to keep the lobster tails that you purchased from the market in a plastic bowl full of cold water and keep them for hours till they are soft. Check at intervals if they became soft and you can squeeze them with ease.
Step 2: Take off the shell by using very sharp kitchen scissors. Turn the tail upside down and cut it from the start to almost the end but not completely the end of the tail. Take off the lobster meat carefully and be sure it looks good because that is what everybody will see. Do not rip it off the shell completely just make it look like it is popping out.
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Recipe for lobster tails
Broiled lobster tails with salad
3 lobster tails
Half cup Melted butter
1 tbsp. Red chili powder
1 ounce of Paprika (optional)
2 carrots, some lettuce, and tomatoes
After the thawing and popping the lobster meat out of the shell of the tail keep them on a plate. Add the salt and pepper. Pour the melted butter and add the chili powder and paprika if you like it extra hot and spicy. Insert them in the broiler at 525 degrees Fahrenheit and bring them out after 9 minutes.
In order to complete your dinner serve the lobster tails with salad by cutting the carrots into small cubes and shredding the lettuce and slicing the tomatoes.
Recipe for grilled lobster tails with potatoes
For the marinade
3 ounces olive oil
2 tbsp. garlic powder
3 drops of lemon juice
2 tbsp. paprika Salt and pepper to taste
Potatoes (according to serving size)