Essay on Local Food and Locavore Movement

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Locavore Movement
Most of the products we find in our supermarkets today have been imported from different kinds of countries. Locavores strongly dislike eating imported goods, they try to only eat locally grown or produced products. Many communities have started considering the locavore movement but have come across many problems through the process. In my opinion, localvorism isn’t such a great idea because the nutritions from fresh produce aren’t absolutely needed, a local farmer uses just as much as fuel as major produce shipping companies, and the environments of some communities may simply be able to create any produce.
Many people think that just because they don’t eat organic locally produced goods they will become nutrient-deprived. This is completely false, nutrients can be consumed from many different kinds of products, just because that certain produce you are eating doesn’t have its full potential nutrients it doesn’t mean you are going to become nutrient deprived. People think that just because the produce lost a few nutrients on the trip to their location it’s suddenly going to become majorly less healthy and cause nutrient-deprivation, this is simply not the case. Source B states that “There will be nutritional differences, but they’ll be marginal” which means yes, fresh produce will have more nutrients but the difference isn’t great. If you are truly concerned about the few nutrients that are missing from your produce then why don’t you just double the amount you eat of that produce, surely the gap will be filled with the second portion. At last, if worse comes to worse nutrient pills can be picked up to help with nutrient-deprivation.
Some communities have terrible environments, bad environments can cause toxic goods or simply just no goods. Why should they be limited to only their local produce when their

produce is no good? In this case the people can actually become nutrient-deprived from eating their own local foods. Source G shows a comic strip of a penguin and a rabbit living in Antartica, the rabbit tells the penguin to buy local produce but the penguin doesn’t really understand what he means since it’s nearly impossible to create fresh produce in Antartica. Are people in Antartica suppose to starve just because they can’t eat imported produce? Some communities just have such little collections of fresh produce options that it’s