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There are 15 counties in Arizona. Each county government must include a sheriff, county attorney, recorder, treasurer, assessor, superintendent of schools, and at least three county supervisors. These county supervisors are elected to a four-year term; the county supervisors are elected from districts. Larger counties of more than 500,000 may create a county charter, similar to a constitution, to outline its system of local government and allow the county to make decisions without going to the state legislature. Charter counties may also collect taxes(article XII). Similarly, any town or city with more than 3,500 residents may create a charter to become a self-governing municipal corporation (article XIII).

Additional Notable Articles

Article XV of the Arizona Constitution stipulates that five people shall serve as commissioners on the Corporation Commission. They shall not serve more than two consecutive four-year terms. The commissioners are charged with the powers to regulate the rates that public service corporations charge citizens for gas, oil, electricity, water, and sewer service. They also regulate the sale of securities and license all Arizona-based corporations. Out-of-state corporations that do business in Arizona must also be licensed by the Arizona Corporation Commission (article XV, sections 1-5)

n Article 12 of the Arizona constitution, the issue of counties has been clearly addressed. This article is detailed with guidelines regarding various aspects of counties. The…