Locating Extracting And Critiquing Research Information

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Locating Extracting and critiquing research information


REQUIREMENTS This assignment is based on identifying a suitable topic for research, use available databases to search literature on the topic, analyse the databases for best suited search result of the chosen topic. Further it has also been asked to choose 5 articles that suit the provided parameters, review and compare with accurate citations.

The topic chosen for this assignment is the “relationship of education and smoking”. Based on the common “ search engine method” of using minimum words with no conjunctions and similar parts of speech, the words “ Education “ and smoking were used for searching the databases as found in Swinburne Library’s online database.

Figure : Data Base available online at Swinburne Library


Of all the data bases available- EBSCO host, Scopus and Factavia are identified as most suitable based on the contents off the searches conducted. Below discussed are comparitive notes of the three databses chosen

EBSCO host : As mentioned in the webpage of swinburne library , it is
“A multidisciplinary collection of popular databases. Subjects include:
Social sciences and pscychology
Life and health sciences
Business and mananagement, computing”.

Figure : EBSCOhost database search of topic keywords

Some of the features that can be pro-cons observed using the database are:
The particular topic search provided with a default search with starting with the closest relating and latest documentation in the decreasing order of relevance and time of publication. It has a