Essay about Location: Brownsville, Texas and Economic Development

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Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location Using every asset within in the means of your community can equip any economic planner with the key to success. But the location of a community can propel the avenues in which one can to take this success to the next level. Location has to be the best ingredient my community has to offer not only the city manager/planner, but organizations, businesses and its residents alike. The city is not immune to the common things that plague border towns but I believe that the positive outweighs the negative. This assessment will ride on the tails of the local economic development programs in my community which range from unemployment, housing, education and transportation programs that assist the residents and businesses to have successful incomes that has provided this community with growth. NAFTA, “North American Free Trade Agreement” also has impacted this region in a positive matter. Here is the exact location of my local community, as you can take notice that is sits by the oceans, on the river with entry into Mexico and rich in its Mexican/American culture. This greatest asset that I believe that the local community has is LOCATION.

The types of economic development programs that are being conducted within my community are the following two agencies that work with education, housing and the other with unemployment plus training programs. Community Development Corporation of Brownsville indications their services, “For many people, owning a home is the American dream and it can become a reality, but not without realistic goals, good advice, practical planning and an understanding of the costs involved. To assist families in this effort, and to provide counseling to homeowners at large, CDCB started the Housing Information and Education Center. CDCB is a HUD certified housing counseling agency. CDCB’s HIEC assists individuals and families with counseling and advice to tenants and homeowners in improving their housing conditions and meeting the responsibilities of tenancy and homeownership through the effective use of a Comprehensive Housing Counseling Program. CDCB conducts community outreach and marketing activities in English and Spanish to provide small group, targeted homeownership education, and pre and post purchase delinquency, default and loss mitigation counseling to individuals. The objective is to increase awareness of the home buying process; to provide knowledge of and access to specialized mortgage products; to provide individualized budget and credit counseling for a specific home purchase; and to assist families in avoiding foreclosure and loss.”( COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT OF BROWNSVILLE 2011, 2014)
The Brownsville Economic Development Council informs us of the potential this area has and its services to the community as being the following,
“The BEDC organizes an annual industry appreciation event to recognize companies’ achievements and contributions to the community. BEDC staff also exhorts companies to join local industry groups, like the Matamoros Maquiladora Association to encourage collaboration and further promote our area’s industrial growth and competitiveness on a global level. The BEDC Board of Directors is made up of 33 members who volunteer their time and expertise to assist in the economic development efforts of the community. Representation on the board is made up of organizations including the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation, Brownsville Independent School District, University of Texas at Brownsville, Port of Brownsville, Cameron County, City of Brownsville, Brownsville Chamber of Commerce, Brownsville Public Utilities Board, and the BEDC general membership.” (EDsuite, 2014)
The key to both of the programs is to promote, lead and facilitate the economic and industrial development of the communities both in Brownsville and Matamoros creating job opportunities on both side of