Locke Vs Hobbes Essay

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Ap European History
Locke Vs Hobbes During the 18th centuries, the movement that are known as the “Enlightenment” brought many more idea into play in European society. Two of these contributors are Locke and Hobbes. While they are both natural law theorist and social contract theorist, their similarities ends there. Hobbes supports order and monarch, while Locke liberties and republic. On the matters on governments, Locke and Hobbes have opposite thought. Locke believe that all people, no matter how low in social status, have inalienable rights. These right are life, liberty, and the right to own property. While on the other hand, Hobbes believes that people are born with rights, but they must give up that right to receive protection from the government and monarch. This is known as social contract. They even disagree on the reason for government. In his book “Leviathan”, Hobbes stated that the purpose of the government and monarch was to keep law and order. This book is written during the English civil war, which shown how non-centralized government can cause great disorder and frequent war. While Locke believe the role on government in to protect individual liberties and rights mentioned above. So overall we can tell that Hobbes think that absolute monarch is the best kind of government, as it centralize power and improve stability and unity. Locke want any kind of representative government, where people have the right to speak up and defend their rights. At 18th centuries, religion is one of the biggest part of politics and civilization. Hobbes believes in the traditional way, that only one religion should be allow in a nation. By getting everyone to follow the religion of the state, the mandate of heaven works on everyone, and the populace will be united and more tolerant toward the government. Locke, on the other hand, is strongly influenced by Enlightenment ideas and propose reform. He suggested the governments should grant the people the right to choose their own religion. While he still believe that there should be an official religion that is approved by the government, other religion should be tolerated, if not welcomed. They further proven that Hobbes prefer unity and order over liberties, while Locke Liberties over everything else. While Locke and Hobbes both recognize the natural right of people, their opinion of the right of ownership, an obvious part of today’s rights, is different. Hobbes believe that private