Locomotive and Conyers Rd Loganville Essay

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Erin Nolan
Mrs. Deaton
AP English Language and Composition
Town History lefttopLoganville, Georgia is one of those small country towns that people tend to pass through rather than stay behind in. The Population is around eight thousand but it continues to grow. Back in the 1800's one farmer owned all of Loganville as a single plantation and it was only after he began to sell his land that it began to form a community. As its population peeked to five hundred a railway was established by the Georgia Carolina and Northern Railroad in 1898. This new railway would operate along a ten mile line between Loganville and Lawrenceville, GA. It's name was the L&L Railroad.
The artwork above can be found in the town library on Main Street at 363 Conyers Rd Loganville, GA 30052. Framed along one of the walls you can see the simple sketching of a small locomotive that played a key role in Loganville's early progression as an established city. The artist, Steve Story, was one of the engineers that helped to build and maintain the train. He used what appears to be an ebony pencil and simple cardstock to draw out the body of the train. Thin lines and precise shading outline and etch detail in the drawing so that no minor part of the train is left unknown. The grainy and smooth texture indicates the pencil and the shading technique of the artist. It also indicated the purpose of the drawing which was to either plan out how the train was to be build or how it was to