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Loew’s Theater
Volunteering at the Loew’s Theater in Journal Square was an amazing experience. I met a lot of interesting people, watched a Halloween movie for free, learned a lot about how the theater works, and learned about the history of the Loew’s Theater. It felt great helping my community.
As soon as I walked in the theater, I was stunned by its beauty, and an individual could tell there was a historic story just by looking around the theater. The theater was huge. I did not really explore the whole theater. However, I realized that there were exhibits of ancient materials. For example, I saw an exhibit filled with old candy brands. Some of the candies were sugar daddy, chuckles, bulk candy, sky bar, and boyer’s candy. I did not explore the upper level of the theater, but I am sure there are a couple more exhibits. The person that was in charge of the volunteer group was named Patty. I asked her “how often do people volunteer in this theater?” She stated, “The Theater is only open at the end of each month.” I found that to be interesting because every Loew’s Theater that I went to is open every day. I also noticed that they only played one movie and closed the theater. Usually, theaters play several movies and new movies. However, this theater only played one movie and it was from the 1960. There were a lot of interesting people. Majority of the people were old. However, they all seemed like they were interested in art. I spoke to an old man he was a student at Kean University. He majored in performing arts and he has participated in many local plays. He is currently a high school drama teacher in Newark New Jersey. There were no teenagers. However, children did come with their parents.
I was asked to be an usher. An usher is a person that helps a person to his or her seat. Also, the usher rips up the ticket at the door of the theater. I received a huge flash light to show people to their seats. It was pitch dark inside the theater. Therefore, people did need me to assist them to their seats. I did not feel that I had a useless job. I was helping people to their seats for about twenty- minutes. However, some people showed up late and I helped them to their seats during the movie was playing. To be honest, I thought that I was going to clean the theater. I expected to do more.
I was practically done with my job. I was told to sit in the theater while the movie was playing, just in case people had to go to the bathroom. Therefore, I decided to enjoy the movie. Before the movie started, they had a man playing on an orchestra. He played the orchestra for about ten minutes. When he was done playing, the orchestra and him went under the stage. The movie that was playing was called “Black Sunday the Mask of Satan, Revenge of the Vampire”. It was an old Halloween movie. It was published in 1960. The cast consisted of actors such as Barbara Steele, John Richardson, Andrea Checchi, and Ivo Garrani. I had never heard of these actors before. However, I loved the movie. It started off with a brother that claims that his sister is a witch. The whole town was surrounding the girl ready to murder her. Before the girl was murdered, she placed a curse on her brother and his future children. Eventually, decades later she was awakened. Therefore, she was ready to get her revenge. She turned a lot of people into vampires. The vampires attempted to help her get a girl that looked like her. She was close to achieving her goal, but a young doctor managed to save the girl. Therefore, the young doctor ruined the witch’s plan, and he killed the witch for good. I enjoyed the movie.
My father always used to tell me “It is better to give than to receive.” I never really gave that quote much thought until now. Even if I don’t have money, I can still give. The thing that I can give is my time. Yes money is valuable, but time has the same value as money. However, devoting the time to volunteer in a place will provide people with many…