Social Promotion

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Precious M. Logan
Ms. Green
American Literature 6th Period
21 September 2014 Social Promotion The School Board of Georgia is debating rather on rather they should end or keep social promotion. From my experience I believe social promotion should be kept. Forcably retaining students in their previous grade damages self esteem. It also can cause studens to not have a succesful future. Social promotion allows students to have high self esteem, higher graduate rates, and decreased drop outs. Social promotion is the practice of promoting a student to the next grade even though they have not aqcuired minimum competencies expected of that grade. Advocates of social promotion argue that promotion is done in order to not harm the students or their classmates self esteem, to encourage socialization by age, and to facilitate student involvement in sport teams. Students who ae socially promoted graduate at higher rates than students who are forcably retained in their same grade. Social promotion does not only help students with their esteem, but also helps them get ready for the real world by letting them make their own choices, even if that means promoting them although they haven't met passing requirements. Sooner or later once students get out of highschoo they will see how serious they have to get, and finally realize even though they passed they see they weren't ready. Once Students hit middle school they have to be responsible for their own actions and make responsible decisions. As John T. Stewart once said, “Sometimes you have to let a child go through it in order to make it.” Meanwhile, Students who are not socially promoted lowers self esteem. Forcably reatining a student in their previous grade lowers self esteem because, students will feel behind their actual academic level. Students will not feel they are on the same academic level as their peers because, they are forcably retained in the same grade. Not socially promoting a student can cause a student to feel stressed, depressed, and have anxiety. These feelings are what cause low self esttem. Forcably etaining a student will most like cause a student to commit suicide based on Georgia's