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Mrs. Abels
LA 10 ACA 4
Quarter 3 Book Project
The Last Song
By: Nicholas Sparks 1. The Piano (On Kindle) represents the bond Ronnie and her father share. She stopped playing because her father left her, and she started playing when her and her father began to reconnect. Ronnie finishes her father’s song because his hands became weak and couldn’t play anymore. 2. The Ceramic Turtle represents the endangered loggerhead turtles that bonded Ronnie closer to her family. While spending the night out on the beach with the loggerheads and taking turns watching them with her brother and father, they grew a closer bond with each other. 3. The Plastic “Stained Glass” Cross represents the bond between a son and father. Jonah and Steve start building a stained glass window for the church his father burned down as a young child. At the end Steve’s cancer worsens and becomes too ill to finish the stained glass window with Jonah. But Jonah doesn’t let anything stop him, he finishes the window with Will and eventually its put in the new church. Now the window represents his father in heaven looking over him. 4. The Sand represents Wrightsville Beach. Where Ronnie, Jonah, and Steve live. Where Ronnie and Will met and where their relationship started and ended. 5. The Letters represents maturity. When Ronnie’s father wrote her multiple times during the three years after he left the family, but Ronnie refused to read the letters. This shows the stubbornness and anger of Ronnie. But after spending time with her father and finding out about his cancer, Ronnie matures and decides to read the letters, as well as a new one her father has written for her.

The Last Song is the story of Ronnie Miller and the summer that she spends with her father at Wrightsville Beach. At the start of the summer, she is a rebellious 17 year old who resents her parents for their messy divorce. She is particularly annoyed that she is being forced to spend the summer with her father, who she has not spoken to in three years. She is angry that she has abandoned the one thing that she and her father used to share in common, playing the piano. She has no desire to reconnect with the father who walked away from her, her mother, and her brother. However, a run-in with the wrong crowd combined with a nest of endangered loggerhead turtle eggs results in Ronnie's maturation.

1. Ronnie and Jonah arrive at their dad’s