Logic: Logic and Critical Thinking Essay

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As stated in the text, Logic examines the structure and content of arguments, and helps describe various kinds of arguments. It also evaluates those arguments, seeing why good arguments work and why bad arguments fail ( Mosser, 2011, Sec. 1.1). Studying logic gives us the advantage of knowing how to think critically and reason in order to make the best decisions and/or easily draw the best conclusions in a given situation/argument. Considering the debate over whether prayer should be allowed in public schools has and will probably always be a touchy topic. However, if both sides of the debate use logic in an unbiased way to reason and better understand one another based on the premises given a conclusion on how to handle things can be reached. Logic in this argument allows us to come to the conclusion that prayer cannot be forced upon nor required by anyone especially in the public school system, however, it cannot be forbidden because we hold the rights to pray if so choose to. With that being said, there is logic in the reasoning for both sides. Our text states , What logic cannot doand doesn't try to dois determine whether in fact in the sentences a given argument actually are true. Critical thinking is one tool we can use to evaluate that reasoning. The evaluative skills logic provides can be enormously useful. Critical thinking, then, will help us reason better and improve our abilities to evaluate others' arguments, as well. (Mosser, 2011, Sec.1.3). Logic simply allows us to recognize a valid argument, identify what kind of argument it is, and find out what reasons may or may not be relevant to the conclusion. However, there is so much more that has to be put into many arguments to