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I. Introduction.

In today global business world, the term of ‘logistic’ became more and more popular concept. Organizations or companies are required to understand efficiency this concept in order to open the success door. However, logistic is a highly complex concept with many unexpected problems that might come around. NSW is currently having a quality logistics network because of focusing seriously on improving the system effectively, but as it mentioned, there are a number of challenges around logistic that companies need to deal with, thus NSW still need to manage to avoid some main problems such as rail infrastructure facilities or network interface.

Created in 2007 by Patrick and Cris Corrigan and officially became Qube Logistic in March 2012 (Qube, 2014), Qube was not expected to become as successful company as today with two billion dollars business in ports. Since it first started, Qube much focused on import, export, identified the opportunities in logistic environment and never stop thinking how they can do this business more efficiency as well as effectively.

This report aims to identify some significant problems that NSW logistics network is facing and the solutions as well as the involvement the government should have. In addition, the report is going to research about Qube as an example of a successful logistic company in Australia.

II. Qube Logistics.

1. History of Qube.

In 2006, DP World acquired the global assets of P & O Steam Navigation Company, then in 2007, Kaplan Equity Limited acquired the automotive, stevedoring operations, marine containers as well as landside logistics from DP World and launched the two businesses P&O Automotive and General Stevedoring and P&O Trans Australia (POTA) with DP World retaining a shareholding in both companies. In November 2009, 25% the shareholding was acquired by Kaplan consortium from DP World and eventually P&O Automotive and General Stevedoring become POAGS. The shareholders of international shipping companies as well as investors still continued to own POAGS. In August 2011, Qube Logistics completed a corporatization of the held logistics assets and formed Qube Holdings Limited. In March 2012, Qube Ports and Bulk officially became Qube Logistics (Qube, 2014).

2. Qube Logistics.

Qube Logistics provides a various services such as warehousing, container parks and these services cover road and rail transport, or rail terminals and worldwide freight. In order to meet customer’s needs, Qube also provides a combination of services. Over four years of operating, Qube has expended and developed the business to become a currently largest provider of logistics services. Qube logistics much focuses on imports, exports and also growing the company’s infrastructure at port as well as inland locations. With an ambition of providing the complete supply chain solution to clients, Qube is developing cutting edge technology and applications. The technology system illustrates unparalleled real time, tracking and status (Qube, 2014). On the one hand, with GPS used in trucks, the system will automatically sent by messages with no activation needed by driver. Thus, with a integrated system, customers are able to check online with real time data. On the other hand, the system allows customers to own shipment detail data, report order, download all the own key data 24/7. With social responsibility, Qube Logistics supports many charities and communities by a number of activities each year. Qube Logistics offers everyone in contract with a safety working condition. Also, Qube Logistics policy makes sure that all workers understanding their responsibility to the workplace as well as the