Logistics and Marine Corps Essay

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Marine Corps Geek
Carl Westerman
Transportation Logistics Management, TLMT311, Winter
American Public University
Professor Alston
December 14, 2014

Your Title Goes Here For years are nation has been at war. Two wars or more as a matter of fact and now the military is bringing home billions of dollars of busted gear. Marine Corps orders P4400.151B and P4400.150E discuss the procedures on how we can reutilize, dispose of broken items, or give away excess. The biggest issue with this process is the lack of training in new systems, lack of personel, and the constant changing of procedures. The procedures were outlined in monthly notices that would explain changes that have now been combined into a new user’s manual 4000-125. This manual now instructs the user how to conduct daily tasks and procedures as a supply clerk in order to execute procedures. The Marine Corps started using an Oracle based product in July of 2011 for most of the fleet Marine force. The Global Combat Support System (GCSS) has had many bugs and set backs with the lack of server support. GCSS gives Marines the ability to have real time data at their finger tips. Integrated data allows accurate information and helps with asset visibility. “Key performance objectives are reduced customer wait time, improved logistics response time, and decreased dependence on forward-positioned stocks.” (Logtool) The Marine Corps has a highly developed program that most users get a crash course for 20 days on and are expected to control million dollar accounts on their first few days. Some of these Marines are up to the desk given their desire for responsibility and education but others just are not trained. Some users are trained one way at school, then another way by a previous duty station, just to come to a new duty station to realize that they had been taught wrong all along and must learn all new policies and procedures. A new supply Marine Corps order came out in January of 2014 replacing the old one that had not been changed since 1982. The new user manual replaced a user manual that was also just as old. These orders and directives were behind the curve as the majority of users were using the new system with old references. This was like using a how to manual for a model car on a real car, just not feasible. The new users manual should solve a lot of the issues, but it has still not been finalized. For the first time in Marine Corps history it is an actual living document that users are using until the final copy is signed off on. Most orders and manuals are finalized and then just updated quarterly or annually if they require any changes. This is good for a lot of the supply users, but also bad for some administrators and chiefs because now they must stay on their toes and continue to check the status on changes. This is to ensure that they are up to standard, inspection ready, and mission capable. The Marine Corps continues to drive training. If any industry is at the top of training in the military it is the Marine Corps. Most Marines conduct…