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"And Love taught grief to fall like music from his tongue", Shelley famously said as apart of her elegy for John Keats. John's bad health was believed to be caused by the beatings he took from the critics, who once advanced him to give up on poetry. One of his buggiest successes was a poem called Ode on a Grecian Urn among the many. Throughout this poem the graphics of art just shoot through you head. You could truly see what Keats wanted to express for his love made evident. Keats had addressed the notion that a moment if beauty, frozen in time as art has more to offer us in the way of truth than anything we could experience in our lives. Art was the source of love essentially. Throughout the Romanic period in time art had a major influence to the people.

As the fall of Napoleon occurred the rise of Romanticism soon appeared. In 1815, the French empire was defeated. Napoleon Bonaparte was the first to restore peace between the French and English to cross the English Channel in twenty years. Following the Napolenic regime conviction grew and the expression in the perfection of the Neoclassical style was no longer valid. Romanticism was then born, expressing extreme emotion, the irrational and the power of nature. Museums had a bad wrap at this point. Most museum goers were curators, critics, and artist that were glad to imagine they have been disabused of what they knew as art. Worrying about nuances of sensibility is thought to be a specialized activity at the time.