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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Study Guide
Chapter 1 1. Explain what Fitzgerald achieved by using Nick’s point of view to tell Gatsby’s story?
Nick gives us the reader an unbiased view. 2. What do we learn about Nick Carraway in the introductory section of the novel?
Trained to be nonjudgmental but later it becomes an issue with other certain characters. 3. In discussing East Egg and West Egg, Nick states, “To the wingless a more arresting phenomenon is their dissimilarity in every particular except shape and size.” Indicate what the dissimilarities” might be.
There is an architectural difference between the two. East egg is traditional and west egg is a little more modern. East egg is snobby and narrow minded while west egg is open minded on new ways to use money. 4. Compare the homes of Nick, Gatsby and the Buchanans. How does each home reflect the personality of its owners?
Nick owns a little bungalow, its practical, secluded, and shows his independence. Gatsby’s mansion is creative, flashy, open minded, carless, and lonely. Buchanan mansion is traditional, narrow minded, plain, boring, dull, and gray. 5. Fitzgerald’s description of Tom, Daisy, and Jordan creates not only an impression of physical appearance, but also contains added information. What do you learn about their history and interests, and from their gestures and mannerisms?
Tom is athletic and plays polo, he is a bigot, and only interested in himself. He is blunt and hurtful.
Daisy is traditional and comes from a spoiled childhood. Daisy is polite to company but subtle in her forcefulness. 6. When Nick leaves the Buchanan’s house, he is “confused and a little disgusted.” Why? What does this suggest about his values?
Daisy and tom are forcing their way into the rumor of his engagement. Nick doesn’t agree with their approach and really doesn’t understand the Buchanan situation. 7. Though we do not meet Gatsby until Chapter 3, we hear references to him in the conversations of others. Note each reference. What impression do you get?
Nick discusses Gatsby on page 24 and then he sees Gatsby outside his house. We see Gatsby as a mysterious man who seems carefree and a little creepy.
Chapter 2 1. I what way is the description in the opening paragraphs of Chapter 2 appropriate to the total atmosphere of this chapter? What is symbolic about the “valley of ashes” and “the eyes of Dr. T. J. Eckleburg”?
Everything is grey. The chapter is dull and there is no relevance just a loss of hope. The eyes are the eyes of God and the loss of God in the modern world. 2. Evaluate Myrtle’s talk of her unhappy marriage. What does she seem to be trying to justify?
Myrtle claims she married George because he was a gentleman. In reality what she wants is an old timey gentleman with money. AKA Tom 3. How does Myrtle’s speech reveal her character?
Myrtle is simple minded, selfish, dimwitted, low self-esteem, and not the pretty sister. 4. What does the scene in this New York apartment reveal about Tom? About Myrtle?
Tom is abusive, selfish, and only there for his own reasons. 5. Does Nick enjoy the afternoon at the apartment in New York? Why or why not?
Nick did not enjoy his superficial company and becomes drunk for the second time in his life. He doesn’t remember much of that evening.
Chapter 3 1. Chapter 3 describes Gatsby’s “little party”. Enumerate details about the party itself, about the guests and about their conversation and behavior.
The party is huge and the place to be for the young and rich. Gatsby throws around his money and belongings like nothing. Nicks explanation is that the guests behave like at an amusement park. 2. Describe the meeting between Nick and Gatsby. Comment on Fitzgerald’s skill in preparing for Gatsby’s entrance into the story.
There is an unexpected but casual meeting between Nick and Gatsby. Gatsby is still mysterious and sneaky like a magician. 3. In what way are