Essay Lolita: The Tragedy of Man Driven by Desire

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"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities" (Dr.Seuss). Growing up all of us had once imagined a wonderland these are what is some people call a fantasies where anything is possible. The problem with having these fantasies too much is that some of us holds onto this fantasy so dearly that it is hard for them to let go and eventually becomes a part of them that if ever lost will be handicapped. Then there are those that only see fantasy as just a part of life and then there are those like Humbert who is so obsessed with his fantasy that he becomes filled with hatred towards what reality is and those that live in it, in the end being hard for them to tell a part the difference between fantasy and reality. This is the problem that the main character from Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita" had fantasizing spending a life time with someone that is young and not able to feel the same affection. In Lolita the poem of Edgar Allen Poe's "Annabel lee" was mentioned many times. In both the poem and the story they writes of a "The Kingdom By The Sea" to show that even though society would not accept their love they would not lose hope and maybe one day be able to live in a place where they would only need each other for comfort. They would live in a place where no one elses opinion matters but their own. The kingdom by the sea is repeated so many times to make the reader get a clear picture of where Humbert stands at about the idea of growing up. Another example I would like to use is "Lolita in Lolita, or the Garden, the Gate and the Critics" which goes deeper into the character of Lolita and who she is rather than only seeing her as a symbol of innocents and Americans. Throughout the story the things he wrote is what makes him stand out more in many ways whether those things are bad or good the readers has to see them only as examples of how polluted our environment is and to help us step foot into the mind of a such a character like Humbert. In Nabokov's book the main character Humbert is created to help the readers see him to be more of a child in a adult's body rather than a man that has gone crazy with his addiction. In Nabokov's book many of Humbert's action can be seen to be similar to those of Disney characters. An example can be seen from our beloved childhood character Peter Pan, who is a boy that never wanted to grow up and neither did he want others in his life to grow older. The reason why a person like me or others looked up to such a character like Peter Pan growing up was because of how by not growing up you can live your own life without taking any responsibility for your actions. Peter Pan shares the same thought as Humbert who also only sees in the world made for two people one for himself and the other for his young love Lolita. In Poe's Annabel Lee, this can also be seen as another example of the disgust in growing up. When you grow older you have many things that separate you from someone that is young such as a child because it is your childhood that is so care free that would make no one ever want to grow up. In both the poem and the book the similarity is that they show an example of an eternal love in magical setting. One