Lollypops: Much Ado about Nothing and Benedick Essay

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Eavesdropping is one of the biggest actions that can make or break somebody's decision. There are different occurrences when eavesdropping can occur. The most obvious one is when someone hides, and they listen to conversations that someone else is having. Another way is when someone uses someone else for the information that is wanted. A lot of drama occurs when people eavesdrop, especially in books and plays. In William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, it is shown through characterization, symbolism, and foreshadowing that eavesdropping can lead to misinterpretation of reality. There are two characters whose actions show that they are eavesdropping on other characters conversations. These characters include Benedick and Beatrice. The whole theory behind this eavesdropping is so that they can hear the gossip that is being said about them. For example, Benedick overhears Don Pedro and Leonato talking. He hears them say something about himself and Beatrice, so he decides to hide behind some trees in the garden and eavesdrop. The same occurrence happened to Beatrice, except that she overheard Hero and Ursula. She also overheard them in the garden, but instead of hiding behind the trees, she hid behind a statue. By Benedick and Beatrice hiding, they hear some things that are not true.

In order for someone to eavesdrop, they have to be in the vicinity of the conversation. Benedick was, in fact, near the conversation of Don Pedro and Leonato. He was hiding behind some trees. This whole conversation was planned out by Don Pedro. He intentionally had Leonato talk to him about his own niece, Beatrice. Knowing that Benedick was hiding, in Act II scene iii, Don Pedro talks to Leonato in a loud voice about Beatrice's love for Benedick. He says it in a loud voice so that Benedick can hear every word. This was just so that Benedick would admit his love for Beatrice. While the two men were talking, Don Pedro asks Leonato if his