London and Bita Cycling Essay

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Cycling are you kidding??????? When you are on it every thing look different . when you ride it you have a incredible joy which I can’t tell is a whole new changed the world. Bicycle is one of the most popular transport in UK and every one is able to understand how to use it but there are not many who can understand it, like me. because I am ridding over London’s streets. I ridded every street ,park and area in London, please join me to tell you the weirdest, unbelievable and nice story about this rainy city. When we talk about London tourists will talk about London eye or themes. When we talk about London businessmen’s will tell you about 'The Square Mile' but if you ask me I wont give you any name I will give you a bike and tell you to fallow me. My favorite street in London is baker street then I can bring you to Swiss cottage and show you every thing, you can hear heart beating of life or you can see the energy which is pumping through city you can easily get that energy because you are listening at it and mostly because you are sweaty and trying to stay at your bike and you need something to hang on it. Bike may be makes us tired, sweaty and exhausted but the breeze cool you down and dry you and the low speed of bike make you see the city in the way which people in the bus or car cant see like the old cottage which now a days is a restaurant or the bakery which is nearly to shed (older than what I expected). I will never