London and Harrow Council Essay

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Their vision is to be a borough which 'offers the best of capital and country'.
Harrow is in outer London and has excellent travel links into the Centre and the rest of the UK. They border the surrounding countryside with a high proportion of green space. One fifth of Harrow's total area is green belt land. Half of this is owned by the council and accessible to the public. The town Centre is among the 10 largest retail centers in London.
The Council was first formed in 1934 as the Harrow Urban District Council and became a London Borough in 1965 following the London Government Act 1963. It is the only Borough to have retained its Middlesex boundaries. The main council workplace is the Civic Centre located in Station Road, Harrow. The Civic Centre is a modern building, which is accessible for wheel chair users.
There are staff restaurant facilities on site and limited car parking is available, including car bays for people with disabilities.

Harrow Council is the largest employer in the borough of Harrow, employing over 5,000 people. It is the policy of this Council that there shall be no discrimination in recruitment, employment conditions, training and promotion. The council's aim is to promote equality of opportunity and good relations amongst all groups of people.

They want to actively encourage more people with disabilities to apply for jobs with them. The…