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London Hammond
Mr. Matthew Bogdan
English 101-1801
November 18 2014

Women vs. Men

The conflicting views of men and women have been questioned for centuries, how men and women different in emotion, affection, and communication. Women tend to be more emotional and rational then men, whereas men are far less emotional and react on impulse. Women tend to react more emotionally than men, resulting in submerging themselves, mind body and soul into making decisions. Women and men are different when their showing affection, I reference from do they love the same. Women love with emotion and feeling, and that’s why women are more the nurture in the family, and men show affection or love by doing things and supporting his family and that’s why men are the supporter in the family. Women and men also communication is different, women communicate in a communal fashion that involves a consensus-based approach, and men prefer to communicate by stating the facts. Of the two genders, there is a stereotype that women are much more "emotional" than men. While it is certainly true that by nature women are more focused on their emotions and refer to them more commonly in conversation than men, both the genders will experience emotions and emotional reactions to different stimuli and situations. What is interesting is that men and women can experience their emotions differently, and for different reasons. With so many potential emotional responses possible, here we focus on some of the more significant differences between men and women and their emotions. Often emotional differences between men and women come down to their physiological make-up. For example, while the same group of neurons in the brains of both men and women process emotional experiences of fear and aggression, these neurons are connected to different regions of the brain in men and women. For women, these neurons connect to areas of the brain regulating internal areas of the body, thus focusing on aspects such as her hormones, blood pressure and respiration. On the other hand, these same neurons in men will connect to areas of the brain focused on the external areas, including vision and movement. This will cause a significant difference in the behavior of a man and woman experiencing the same stressful situation. When I talk about women vs men being affection, I reference do they love the same? Females tend to like their partners better than males do, males think positive activities, like washing the dishes, are more important than positive affection, like kissing. Women fall in love more often, report more intense feelings (feeling euphoric and wanting to scream), are ready to marry earlier, love more often when it isn't returned, think love is more rewarding, and idealize the partner more than males do. Many traditional men would sincerely say, "I show her I love her by supporting her." Both men and women need to be aware of this