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Hello London! (24-31 Jan)
There is heaps to see in London, so we spent our few days here seeing the sights and checking out all the stuff that you see on
TV all the time. Using the Underground is like a huge monopoly game (Victoria,
Whitehall, etc.) and everythings real iconic red telephone boxes, double decker buses, english pubs...
So we've checked out the main stuff Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, we went up the London Eye, up the Tower bridge, and we checked out the Tower of London and had a look at the Crown Jewels.

The Tower Bridge

We also went and had a look at Westminster, which is their House of Parlliament. We wanted to have a look inside so we followed the visitor signs in, and we ended up going through security, got passes, and ended up in the public gallery of the House of Commons and a parliamentary debate... which ended up being pretty boring so we only stayed for about 2 mins. We did get to stand on the spot that King Charles I got condemned to death, and William Wallace (Braveheart) as well. Later on we checked out the Banqueting Hall, which is one of the remaining parts of
Whitehall Palace built by King Henry VIII, and coincidentally where the sentence of beheading Charles I got carried out.

Tower of London

Me by the spot where Anne Boleyn (the 2nd wife of

So after a few days in London we made our way to Heathrow for our flight to Cairo - we had a 10 day tour and Nile cruise booked.
So we were sitting at the