Long Shot and Girl Essay

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1. Treatment:
We will do the music MTV in this subject. It is about a love story.
The scene opens to show the boy loves the girl. A mid shot of the boy walk on the street and watch a ring for his girl with the intention of proposing to her. A close up shot of the ring will be shown with the camera.
A scene showing on the second day, the boy got the letter to ask him to go to war.
Next there is a scene of the boy change the cloth. At that time change to another scene, someone knock the door, the girl goes to open.
The door is opened, close up shot of the boy's face, the boy told to the girl then a wide shot of the boy in uniform walking out, back to the camera with his gear.
A mid shot of the girl standing by the window waiting for him to come home. Then show a text: after one year.
A close up shot of the girl blowing out a candle on her birthday cake and making a wish. The implication that she will be wishing that her boy will come home safely from the war.
When the girl wants to make a wish, wide shot someone ring the doorbell, the girl goes to open the door. She got a box.
Close up shot – girl looks surprised. But there are the ring and boy's "dog tag" in it.
The scene the girl looks sad.
The music fades out the girl continues to make the wish.
After that, the music back the girl is crying.
Because in our group, we have a main story line, then we write the story according to the story line. So perhaps in assessment 2, our final video is a little different with assessment 1. We will change the story things between our stories. We want to choose a good content to make a film.

2. Production Design:
This film has been written, designed and produced to be shown on the XYZ’s Cinemabyte channel. Our story wants to show we hope the world is peaceful. The war gives so many people too much suffering, they lost childs, husbands, fathers... A lot of people died in the war. So we want to show the story the importance of peace. So our audience is from child to adults.
Title Screen: Firstly, this is the music MTV, so we will bring to the audience the emotional feeling. We use the typetester to compare and choose good font, then put it on the title screen. We will use different size and moving type to show.
Audio: Our story center starts around the ring. The ring guides the development of the story throughout the whole story. This is music MTV, so…