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Long-term Conditions

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This essay explores and reflects on the lived experiences of an elderly patient living with the long-term condition (LTC) of psoriasis. A case study is used to illustrate some of the key features of LTCs and the impact they can have on a patient’s physical, psychological and social state. It is also going to be looking at the effect some of the key features can have on a patients support network or family. In addition it will examine the nurses role in the management of LTCs and the health and social policies that may have an impact on the care received by patient with LTCs.

The Department Of Health (2009) describes long-term conditions as chronic illnesses that can limit lifestyles. In
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Anna was diagnosed with depression as her psoriasis worsened. Her depression has been caused by a combination of isolation, low self-esteem and persistent pain and fatigue.

Losses experienced by people living with an LTC can include self-esteem, independence, and confidence (Community Interest Company 2007, p.250). As Anna’s mobility reduced she started having difficulty with ADL’s. She found it hard to wash and needed walking aids to help her move around her home. Anna’s daughter visits her everyday to help her with washing and dressing. Whilst in hospital Anna and her daughter were discussing the possibility of Anna moving in with her daughter as she was starting to need more and more assistance. These discussions were influenced by her reduced mobility.
Anna’s LTC has affected not only her life experience but her families too. As Anna has got older she has needed extra support from her family to help manage her treatment and care. Due to socio-demographic changes in Britain there is a larger number of elderly people in the population. This aging population has called for families to be more involved in treatment and therapies of those living with an LTC (Payne and Ellis-Hill 2001, p1-13).

When Anna was young she was able to apply the cream and ointments, used to treat her psoriasis, herself. But as her mobility has reduced with age and