Long Term Goals

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Long Term Goal

My Long Term Goal is to become a registered nurse. In ten years, I would see myself training for medical, or receiving the education to at UWM. Becoming a nurse would mean a lot to me, because I love helping out people especially when they are in need, of care. The training will help me achieve my goal. The work I will be doing will be helping doctors, and assisting them. My career will be a registered nurse, assisting the doctor, saving lives, and helping out the ill patients because it makes me feel proud and makes others hopeful. This goal of becoming a RN nurse is important to me because I don’t appreciate when other people who deserve a chance to make their life full of joy, be turned down by illness, and becoming a nurse
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In the next five to eight years I need to accomplish a lot to reach my long term goal. I would need to study very hard, make sure I’m always paying attention, and stay focused. I would also need to show up to school all the time so I can learn what I need to know for training. I see myself going to Ronald Reagan. I can see myself going to this school because it has high education, the students are smart, and the classes teach you a lot. Having high education can help me with getting me into the right college. In high school, I would like to study medical. I would like to study this because that way I will know exactly how to reach my long term goal. If I study medical, I will get the degrees I need for becoming a nurse when I graduate. When I get out of high school, I am going to be searching for a college that teaches medical and nursing industry. My long term goal is to become a registered nurse, so training, and receiving knowledge about my future career, will help me become my long term goal, and be prepared. When I go to college, I will study health, medic, and science, because it gives me a ton of resources about the human body, and helping with what training will be all about. Basically, I have to never give up, find a college, and study