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Long Term Summative – Immigration 1. Answer the following question based on the immigrant story of your choice. Why did this immigrant’s family decide to move to the United States?

Asya’s father decided to move to the united states when her father was granted a green card (“won” in Asya’s words) and they moved to the united states in order for him to find a job.

2. How did the rise of American Industry act as a pull factor for immigrants? Be sure to print your chart and attach to your answer sheet.

Many immigrants came because they could not find jobs in their own country. During the rise of American Industry, Immigrants saw the increasing opportunity and a basically guaranteed job with the industrial revolution, they all flocked to America.

3. How did Americans believe the immigration quota would maintain the ‘character’ of the United States?

Americans believed that the influx of different cultures with new immigrants would dilute the American culture and “character”. They believed that by imposing quotas on immigration and limiting the influx of new cultures they could help to decrease the dilution of American culture

4. List the requirements for becoming a citizen. Which two requirements for becoming a citizen do you think are most important and explain why?
Be 18 or older
Be a green card holder at least 5 years
Have lived within the state at least 3 months
5 years continuous residence
Reside continuously in the USA from time of application to time of acceptance.
Be able to read, write, and speak English as well as have a knowledge of the US history and civics
Have good moral character.
I would say that the last two requirements are the most important. You need to speak our language in order to be a part of the society, and if you do not have good moral character, you will not be a benefit to our country.

5. What are two of the four ways someone can become eligible to get a green card through their family?

Have an immediate family member who is a US citizen.
Be a family member of a green card holder.

6. Write down how many answers you got correct on the U.S. Citizenship Practice Test. List two questions and their answers along with your score.

How Many Justices are on the supreme court?
9 justices
What happened at the constitutional convention?