Long-Term Unemployed Still Waiting For Recovery

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Ryan Nguyen
Long-term Unemployed Still Waiting For Recovery www.usatoday.com “‘I don’t want to lose who I am and what I spent all these years and all this money to become and just fade into oblivion.’” – Lucas McGrail
The 38 years old male, Lucas McGrail, which has been unemployed from his regular construction manager position for 4 years now is still searching for a job. The article also mentioned Mr. Grail created more than half-dozen interviews and submitted over 3,000 resumes to seek the position he once was.
As Mr. McGrail is one of the 40 percent that been unemployed six months or more, the article shows alternative lifestyle such as going back to school, becoming stay-at-home caregivers, and joining the military.
Mr. McGrail decided to go back to school for his master degree in architecture and is prepping to take his state licensing exam. Mrs. McGrail, his wife, has been kind and understating enough to put him through school as this would a long and expensive path for the family.
It was shocking and amazing to see someone’s spirit and morale so high after 4 years of job hunting. It’s really hard to believe that someone in this economy has such a superb outlook on career opportunities after being unemployed for several years now.
My dad was in the same position as Mr. McGrail is in now. My dad was a hardware engineer for Alcatel (before the merging with lucent) and when the depression hit the United States, most of our jobs were being our sourced by