Long Way Gone Quotes

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“Compelled to become instruments of war, to kill and be killed, child soldiers are forced to violent expression to the hatreds or adults” - Olara Otunnu
“A long way gone” was written by ishmael beah and published in 2007. Ishmael is a normal person with a normal life that is until the rebels attack his town but he was in the next town over and they heard about the attack after a while of hiding from the rebels and losing his brother and his friends he gets lost in the forest and eventually he gets caught by the army and they give him drugs and he becomes addicted and fights against the rebels and they go around destroying towns eventually he gets saved and sent to new york city to talk about his experience in the war and later he gets adopted. The three most important scenes in this story include rebels attack his hometown, he gets taken by the army to fight
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This is an important moment in memoir because he first started running away from the war to save his life. One quote from the book that exemplifies this aspect of the book is “According to the teachers, the rebels had attacked the mining areas in the afternoon. The sudden outburst of gunfire had caused people to run for their lives in different directions” (pg.9) this quote is important because it shows the reader that the rebels attacked and everyone is running away to save their lives. In conclusion they are lucky to have not been in the town because they would have most likely been hurt if they would have stayed and also not very lucky because now they have no idea what happened to their families if they are dead or