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Longing for Louie

As far as I can remember, I have been a stay at home kind of gal. I’ve never had a lot of touchable friends. Most of my friends are what you may call “virtual/cyber” friends. I have never been one to like a crowd. A crowded mall on Friday never seemed enjoyable. I always found myself happiest looking at bird forums and listening to music in bed. I guess one might call me a loner.
Even as a loner I still longed for something. I have always been attracted to “smart” birds, or parrots. As I matured I realized I longed for something that might fill that void in my life. My parents said the only way I could get another pet was to prove that I could take care of the one we already owned. Unfortunately for me that was not the only demand I was given. Taking him for a walk, throwing some Kibbles in his bowl daily, and filling his water dish every now and then would have been a piece of cake. Oh no that would have been way too easy. On top of that I had to keep my stuff picked up, take on some new chores, and mostly keep my grades up in K12. “Really? Come on now. Haven’t I suffered enough,” is what I said to just myself. After I cooled off and thought things through for a while I decided that I had to do this.
For the next month or so I did all my chores. I walked my dog daily. I even picked up his “daily doodles." I even managed to keep my attitude in check.
One evening my dad pulled me into his room. My heart sank when I saw my mother sitting on the bed. All I could hear in my head was “Oh shoot, what did I do wrong now?” I guess my dad saw my fear, because he said, “I guess you know why you are in here, don’t you?” I almost burst into tears when my mother told him to “stop it.” My dad’s favorite way to torture me is by making me think I am in trouble even if I am not. He burst out laughing, and slowly my heart returned to where it belonged in my chest. They then began telling me how proud they were of me. My dad said, “Start looking around for the pet you want, and the cost has to be reasonable, Faith,” said my mother. Little did they know, I had already started my search. I wanted a Conure.
To my surprise, my dad had been looking online for birds that might be in need rescuing. Late in the day on February 5th, 2013 (right before my birthday) I went into his room and I saw this beautiful white bird with an amazing crown on his head staring back at me on the screen. “His name is Louie, and he needs a forever home sweetheart. He is making a