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In high school I was granted the opportunity to have one of the best social workers in the school district, Mrs. Lauden. Mrs. Lauden treated every situation differently but the same. She would always ask the student what he or she felt about the situation or the incident. Mrs. Lauden never evaluated the staff members’ side of the story one hundred percent, but half of that to see where the student and staff member were coming from. Mrs. Lauden is a fantastic role model for all age ranges. Mrs. Lauden is never late for work, and she ensures herself that she would encounter every appointment she has. I remember when Mrs. Lauden would miss lunch just to deal with a student’s situation or problem. She would always acknowledge the fullness of a situation instead of interpretating the situation from her point of view. She has always told me my job is to use what I learned in college to help students and teachers.
Mrs. Lauden has made her mark at the old high school. I have a friend who I attend church with and he has a problem with his mouth. He thinks that if a person is wrong about a situation he can say whatever he wants to the person with no type of shape, form, or fashion. Mrs. Lauden would deal with this type of situation first by asking the student about what happened. Mrs. Lauden never would overstep her boundaries with students or staff members. Mrs. Lauden is a good social worker and if she can she would help with any situation or problem a person has. Doing the years I attended Thornridge High School, I have never witness Mrs. Lauren potential anger toward students or any of her co-workers. Mrs. Lauden often plays the mean game with students to see where they are with their personalities. Mrs. Lauden would give me good advice on being a social worker and how the job career works; not only in schools but in the mainstream world also.

“There have been many life experiences which have led me to have a desire to be a social worker. For example all of my parents have taught me the value of helping others. I grew up in an atmosphere where the needs of others were put before our own. My family’s example has truly helped me to understand the importance of helping others. As a direct result of this example, for as long as I remember I have had the desire to work in the social word field helping those truly in need. I first realized that desire when I was twelve years old. At that time my older sister graduated from Illinois State University with a major in Family Consumer and human Development. After graduation, she found a job working as a social working in wheeling, Illinois at Bilingual School. During her time there she has shared many of her experiences helping students and staff. I love these stories, and they have helped me develop a passion and a focus for my studies. Her excitement and dedication for the job has inspired me and helped strengthen my desire to become a social worker.”
Mrs. Lauden “Being a social worker requires many special skills that I feel many social workers possess. One of these skills that I feel is important that most social workers are able to remain comfortable when presented with new different facts or opinions. I have had to interact with others who have different cultures as well as different values than me. It is necessary to be accepting of other cultures and not to discriminate against others. We are all human beings, and we all deserve the same respect. This ability is essential in the field of social work because we are guaranteed to work with people who have different values as well as cultures and lifestyles. Personally, I feel being a social worker can be a hard task at times especially dealing with all sorts of people, their values, and cultures”.
Another skill required of a social worker…