Essay on Longxi Machinery Works - Case Analysis

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LongXi Machinery Works

Problem Statement

LongXi is geared to increase its market share for small multi-cylinder diesel engines but the growing quality concern over production of critical parts is jeopardizing LongXi’s growth in the agricultural sector market. Continued quality issues with our DGS, a critical part within LongXi’s Small Multi-Cylinder Diesel Engine has resulted in breakdown, engine failure and loss production at several customers. Customer complaints are increasing and we need to react to and eliminate our quality concerns. We must develop ways to improve quality in house. Our QC group is well established therefore we are recommending that we collect and analyze data relative to why the DGS is failing and
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Although this process creates flexibility with the way product flow through each operation, the manufacturing process for the DGS at LongXi can be improved significantly. We need to create a separate process to manufacture the DGS. One way to do so is to start by combining processes to eliminate non-value-added activities such as part transfer between operations. The lathe and the drilling process can also be combined into one operation. Adding more automation for part transfer can also reduce NVA. As a result of combining processes, more floor space can be freed up for parts storage.

Total Quality Management

Quality Inspection

Quality management is a major part of the DGS manufacturing process. Approximately 130 quality inspectors are responsible for quality throughout the organization. Three types of inspection are done throughout each operation. Initial Inspection, Patrol Inspection and Final Inspection. This is an area of quality that needs to be addressed. Typically in manufacturing operations this amount of inspection at each operation is excessive and can lead to problems instead of solutions. With the workers taking responsibility for quality and having a final inspection at the end of each process seem enough for the DGS process.

Customer Satisfaction

In terms of customer satisfaction most of our quality inspection is done to satisfy