Essay on Looking for Alibrandi (1999)

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Our sense of identity is formed from our relationship with other. A sense of identity is a person`s perception of who he/ she relationship with others, including peers group, family and romantic, connecions. The main character Josie Alibrandi, in Late Wood`s film , is searching for her personal identity . We are shown that the relationship with others could effect our sense of belonging.
Family relationship can have a positive impact on how you perceive yourself. Josie became confident and comfortable when Michael , her father, came to school to rescue her from hitting Carly`s nose. “Dad…” “My daughter…” The dialogue between Josie and Michael becomes family like. This shows the bond between Josie and Michael are becoming stronger as they both started to accept each other as a father / daughter. Josie has considered Michael is part of her family. Also the low angle shot and body language, when Jpsie went out and wanted to have a talk to Michael. The low angle shot shows how powerful Josie and Michael are, and they are going to win the “battle” with Carly The body language as Michael with his arms around Josie, and Josie looks comfortable anf confident in his arms. The music when Josie and Michael came downstairs, that sybomlised their positive and victorious attitude, a closeness and love is forming between Michael And Josie. And this positively effect Josie with her sense of identity.
Being rejected by your peers group could make you feel isoslated , outcast and confused your sense of identity. Josie felt outcast when she is at St. Martha, she was insult by Carly. “…Wrogs on handouts…” “…At least I am not a braster…”. We can see how desperate Josie`s feels, by extreme close up and facial expression when she was talking wit Michael at school. Her face was full of pain when she said to Michael that she was never allow to play with other kids because she had no father. Her tears dropped out. The lighting when John baton were with Josie at Sydney University, he was in the dark. And also on the dace night, John was alone , no one sits with him. After dance everyone leaving the party with their partner or