Looking For Alibrandi Identity Analysis

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The personal identity of a person is influenced by many factors such as religion, gender, race, societal influence and so on. This essay would discuss the personal identity from the view point of the society and how society is responsible for casting an influence on the personal identity. In the bid of comprehending the topic, the essay would draw real life examples from the world on the topic of personal identity and also discuss its meaning and significance in the protagonist’s life in the novel Looking for Alibrandi penned down by Melina Marchetta. In the novel, Josephine, the protagonist confronts and resolves many problems that she faces in her life, such as the issue of personal identity which covers most of the write-up, as she discovers her personal self from her Italian origin. Primarily, she is embarrassed of her Italian identity, but through the course of time, she realizes its value with the assistance of her family and friends. Her journey of self-discovery delineates the major part of the novel wherein the protagonist Josephine discovers who she is with the help of her positive and negative circumstances. Therefore, this essay would attempt to highlight the importance of personal identity and to what extent is the personal identity the product of the society in …show more content…
Undoubtedly, there are a series of events in the social life which aids an individual to discover his personal identity and this has also been supported by the evidences from the novel, Looking for Alibrandi. The instances such as when Josephine falls in love with Jacob, then she is enabled to realize her personal self with the help of maturity in her sexuality (Fernandez,