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An Australian author called Melina Marchetta made the novel “looking for Alibrandi”. The novel was her first novel and was released in 1992, it is about a young woman called Josephine Alibrandi, and how she deals with growing up in Australia. This novel covers how Josephine grew up in an Italian background; Her grandmother is originally from a Sicilian background. Her mother raising Josephine by herself with her father out of the picture for seventeen years and also that Josephine grew up in Australia and was called racist names because of her original Italian background.

Josephine Alibrandi has been called names all her life as she was born and raised with one parent, Christina her mother. Josephine’s father has been out the picture until he arrives in Sydney when Josephine is 17 In the book Josephine is called a “wog” several times because of her background and because she is Italian. Josephine has also been called a bastard a few times as well as her parents where not married when they had Josephine. The reason as to why they were not married was that Josephine’s parents were too young to get married. This affects Josephine as she only has one parent and that because of it she is called names

Josephine is in her home group class and Carly talks about the club saying “ They where all wogs, they seemed to be everywhere”,
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Also the Italians that came to Australia started to learn English, Also Josephine finds out in the book that her grandmother had her mother with another man other than he husband and this gets Josephine angry as her mother doesn’t even know who her actual father was until Josephine finds out it was a man called Marcus Stanford. Josephine’s mother finds this information out after her mum, Josephine’s grandmother tells her after her husband had actually died, but Josephine’s mother finds out and is okay with