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Looking Good Young teenagers these days always want to look their best. They exercise daily and keep themselves on a strict diet. Some women seem to always think that their look is not good enough though, so they go to the extreme and starve themselves until they look the way they want. They’re afraid of what people may say behind their backs or to their faces. They start feeling self conscious about themselves, and begin having a low self-esteem. There are even some women that have to look in the mirror all the time to make sure they look their best. They can’t have a string hanging or anything on their face. They have to look top notch all the time. Why are young teenagers so worried about their look? How come they can’t accept themselves as they are? This issue concerns me because of all the things young teenagers do to have that perfect Victoria secret shape. They put themselves through so much pain to try to fit in, or even find that right guy. These young girls don’t think of the outcome that may happen to them. They may become weak and faint in the middle of class, or even start feeling sick because of them not getting the right nutrients they need. These teenagers are so caught up on their look that a lot of them are starting to fail classes, and getting into trouble. There are also many parents that pressure their child to look the way they want them to look by putting them on a diet, or limiting their food. The child then starts getting used to the fact of dieting and looking good, that they influence other young girls to do the same. Other things young teenagers do are getting tattoos, piercings, and even unprofessional surgery. I hear all the time on the news about how young girls die because of unsterilized needles that are used on them for tattoos, and piercings. They felt the need to get it because of all the peer pressure that was happening at school. When I was in High School I knew so many girls that changed their look everyday because of what others might have said. They felt like their look just wasn’t good enough. They had to buy the latest fashions, and have to the most popular hair-do. All they really wanted was for everybody to like them, and give them compliments. If they didn’t get enough compliments