Looking Toward The Future Essay

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Looking Toward The Future
Tamara Spriggs
PSY 202
October 19, 2014

Looking Towards The Future
In this paper I will describe three goals my personal, professional, and academic goal that relates to my degree plan and how the SMART goals relate to every goal. As well, I will describe my accountability plan to overcome challenges and predict future success from my past positive experiences and personality after completing online degree. As I continue to take online classes through Ashford University I know that this path will help me to reach my personal, professional, and academic goals I have for myself.
My Goals and SMART Goal Process
Growing up I was not as fortunate as some I had to work for the things I needed & want at an early age because of that I develop a work ethic early. I knew if I wanted better for myself than what was handed to me I had to figure out what I wanted out of life & set goals. My personal goal was always to be successful and financially stable. It is important to be that I have stability in my life as well as for my family. To accomplish my personal goal, I will have to continue on work on finishing my degree in Health Administration. According to the SMART goal process, I will achieve this goal by taking one class every five weeks, which I will have to apply hard work and dedication in order to retrieve a good grade, which will put me a step closer in receiving my degree. The next I will explain is my professional goal. My professional goal is to manage my own healthcare facility and making it non- profit. This is what my ultimate dream is. This is a career where I will be happy and provide my family and I financial stability as well. By using the SMART goal process, I will achieve this goal in by continuing my education to the highest level degree plan, doing internships, and volunteer in the areas that can help me improve my skills to gain more experience and to the next level. Lastly, my academic goal is to finish my bachelor’s degree. In order to do this I will have to continue to take the classes that is apart of my degree plan and strives to complete them with no grade less than a B average.
Accountability and Overcoming Obstacles In order to succeed in my goals will have to hold myself accountable throughout this process. My accountability plan for meeting each of my goals would be to aim higher than my average potential and not letting obstacles distract me from staying focus on what is important. My two major obstacles that I need to overcome in order to succeed in school are family and career. Being able to reach my goals is not what I want just for myself it is also for my family. They are my biggest support system. They want to see me succeed more than anyone because they love me and know I have what it takes to be successful. My husband takes time out his schedule to help me with school if I ask him. We are both in school and we both assist one another if the other needs help. We both have a busy schedule especially trying to take care of a four year old, but we make sure we take time to assist and support one another to make it somewhat a little easier. My study time for school is important but so is family, I have to plan ahead and think about how I can please both. So, I definitely try to set time aside for family because they are what keeps me grounded.
My job is another obstacle that I need to overcome to complete my degree. Working fulltime and having a demanding and goal-oriented job can make completing school tough and become overwhelming. I work a hectic schedule with really late days, which make my time to do school work, or anything is very limited. I wish I had a job where I could do school work when I had the time, but due to the fact my job is very strict when it comes to having personal items and limited computer access its physically impossible. The things I do to overcome this obstacle is try to get as much school work in when I don’t have