Loot Box Sociology

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Over the course of time technology has evolved and allowed us, the human race to advance in many ways. From medical advances all the way down to various sources of entertainment. Well, one type of entertainment society today focuses on is the video game world/community. Video games have always had a bad reputation as it was perceived that the violence from video games cause the violence out in the real world. Even when there have been researches on this topic that prove that theory is very wrong, however, developers in the gaming industry do not help. As the gaming industry has evolved so has the way development or content created for games have as well. Now, developers not only create a full game, but also additional content that comes in …show more content…
Well, a microtransaction and a DLC are basically the same thing; it just depends more on the type of content that you get in-game. For instance, with story content that would more fit along the lines of DLC and the in-game currency that you can buy is established more with microtransactions. Now loot boxes is what started this controversy and in a general definition with the help from the article “What Are Loot Boxes? Gaming's Big New Problem, Explained” by Andrew E. Freedman (2018) “Loot boxes are digital grab bags that players have to spend real or in-game currency on, and the trick is that you never know what’s inside” (para. 2). Meaning a loot box is a randomized mystery box where the player will have a certain percentage to get various types of in-game content like skins for weapons, power ups for your character, character avatars, more men to fight for you, and the list goes on. What is frustrating is the fact that you never know what you can and will get and today in most triple A (AAA) games to progress in any way the consumer is forced to buy these randomized items to be able to progress. For those that do not know a AAA game is created by major popular developers like Bioware, Electronic Arts (EA), etcetera. They are usually the companies that can spend huge amounts of cash to create a game. Unfortunately, no matter how rich these companies are these tactics with additional content is still