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Letter of Recommendation Request Form Page 1 of 3 Use this form when asking for Counseling to complete a school/counselor report or for general letters of recommendation.

**Attach a copy of your College App Essay to help us get to know you better!

Cumulative GPA 3.254
Rank you wish to use 207 Un­Weighted or ______ Weighted Best scores: SAT CR _____ M _____ Wr _____
, ACT Eng 25 M 30 R 31 Sc 27 Comp 27

Teachers who know me well: 1.) Mrs.Alder 2.) Mr.Lockett Rate yourself compared to other students (place an X in the box which best describes you) and explain why below:
Averag Averag Good/Abov
Excellent / Outstanding e e e Average
Top 10%
/ Top 5%

1. Academic Achievement
2. Extracurricular
3. Personal Qualities and
4. Overall

My academic achievement is





_________________________________ because: (use rating from the table above)

I have taken pretty challenging courses while maintaining an average GPA

My extracurricular accomplishments are ______________________________ because: (use rating from the table above)
I am active in many clubs such as Dreamcatchers club( volunteering), DECA, Juror for traffic court, 4 year track and cross country runner. volunteered over 100 hours.

Letter of Recommendation Request Form Page 2 of 3

My personal qualities and character are _______________________________ because: (use rating from the table above)
I have quite a few friends and I try to stay on the good side of everyone . Another reason I volunteer is so I can help people. I really try to put the needs of others before myself.

Four words my counselor could use to describe me to colleges (give specific examples for each): 1.) Helpful­ Two weeks ago I helped the Issaquah Women club organize a charity event.