Lord Capulet Essay

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Lord Capulet stumbles as he gently opens the door to his daughter’s bedroom. He struggles to walk and eventually he collapses onto his throne. His eye stream with tears of sorrow. Lord Capulet attempts to walk to his daughter’s bed. He raises his head, only to see a portrait of his beloved daughter. His tears begin to course down his cheeks.
Oh why, oh why God...has this happened to my beloved daughter. Juliet is now but a lifeless corpse. Words cannot explain the emotions that fill my wearing body. Yesterday was to be a heartening day for her, to become joyful bride to the handsome Paris. The house of Capulet has lost a jewel all because of the senseless feud between us and the Montagues.
Lord Capulet strains to stand up. Gently pulls aside the white velvet curtain. He gazes at the setting sun through the window sets in. He moves to a table and lights a candle.
Just a day few ago I heard the commotion on the quiet streets of Verona, I became aware that our feuding houses were brawling once again, my anger stills holds toll this very day, for I still want to exchange blows with our sworn enemies. How furious I was and my hatred for our sworn enemies was boundless. But what reason did this feud happen? Haven’t both our houses forgotten how this ancient quarrel ensued? Now I see the terrible harm that our feud the terrible destruction that our feud has caused.
I recalled that moment at our family’s party. When Tybalt wanted to attack one of our foes, Romeo for coming uninvited, at that point I remember Prince Escalus declaring after our brawl, that if ever we disturb our street again, our lives should pay the forfeit of the peace. I forbade him to attacking Romeo. Perhaps this had triggered his anger to intensify, thus beginning this chain of thoughtless events. And soon after, Tybalt and Mercutio were slain. It was there, and then I should have agreed on a peace treaty between our families. The cost of two young men that had lost their lives and I still did not realise how harmful our feud was!
Lord Capulet turns back and walks to Juliet’s bed. He passes out and falls into the white velvet bed sheets. He rolled his body to the left, looking out onto Verona’s mountain backdrop. He begins to cry.
Did I not see that the unwillingness of my daughter to be the bride of Paris was a sign that I should have listened to her? I regret my actions for I should have not rushed my youthful daughter into such a marriage to eradicate her grief over young Tybalt’s death. I told my wife the exciting news and she delivered the new to our daughter, immediately she refused to marry to the handsome Paris, which made me so violent and furious towards her.
I thought I was acting in her best interests by forcing her into this marriage, but I was mistaken. The foolish, meddling fool, Friar Lawrence! First, he secretly married my daughter to our foes, Romeo, and there he made a sleeping potion pressuring her into making everyone believe she had died. She intended to awake to her love, Romeo, but this order of events did not go to plan, and instead my daughter life was taken. If I had not felt the need to pose a marriage, and