Lord: Glacier and Glacial Depositional Landform Essay

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An example of a glacial depositional landform is a terminal moraine, for example Credendill, Herefordshire, UK. Terminal moraine is made from ablation till and the material may be compressed with a steep angle of dip as push moraine. It is found at the furthest point that the glacier reached and take the form of a curving bank that crosses the valley. Terminal moraine can often dam a pro-glacial lake as the ice retreats and will often be broken in the center, after glaciation has occured. It is an upland feature and a macro-scale landform. In cross-section, it will be asymmetrical with a steep former ice contact side and gently sloping front side.
Terminal moraine is formed at the snout of the glacier at the furthest point of which it reaches. The glacier forms a ‘conveyor-belt’ system in which rock is sorted and brought through until it is deposited at the glacier’s snout consequently forming into a bank over time.

One example of a glacial erosional landform is a cirque, such as the Nantillon Cirque in the French Alps. Cirques are macro-scale landforms and are an upland feature. . It will have a smooth polished cirque lip with striations and will have aretes on either side, normally backing onto a pyramidal peak. They will have a steep rough back wall as part of a large-shaped hollow in the mountain side.There is a rock basin at the base and will often have a North-East facing aspect and a cirque lake.
The formation of a cirque begins with snow collecting in a