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A Basic Marketing Plan Taken from Burkwood, M (2010) Essential Guide to Marketing Planning, Second Edition. FT Prentice Hall.pp. 15

Please note that this is for illustration and the content of your marketing plan must also encompass those factors listed in the assessment marking criteria in the module guide.

Table 1.2 Contents of a Typical Marketing Plan

|Section |Purpose |
|Executive Summary |To describe, briefly the plans objectives and main points |
|Current Marketing Situation |In the context of the mission statement to summarise the |
| |results of the PESTLE external audit and provide background |
| |about markets and customers, current marketing activities |
| |previous results and competition |
|SWOT Analysis |To discuss internal strengths and weaknesses, external |
| |opportunities and threats that can affect marketing |
| |performance. |
|Segmentation, targeting and positioning |To identify the segments to be targeted and indicate how the |
| |product, brand or organisation will be positioned for the |
| |selected customer segment(s) |
|Objectives and Issues |To show what the marketing plan is designed to achieve in terms|
| |of financial , marketing and societal objectives; to explain |
| |key issues that might affect the plans implementation and |
| |success |
|Marketing Strategy |To present the broad strategic approach that the plan will |
| |apply in providing value to achieve the objectives that have |
| |been set.…