Essay on Lord of the Flies

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Demographic and environmental changes A. Impact of nomadic migrations on Afro-Eurasia and the Americas 1. Aztecs a. Established tribute empire b. Military seized prisoners of war for sacrifices 2. Mongols c. Effects on Afro-Eurasia 1.) Facilitation of trade a.) Exchange of products 1. Brought wealth to merchants 2. Enriched exchange of ideas from east to west 3. Developed uniform economic and trade policies 4. Paper money (Chinese invention) used in parts b.) New trading posts 5. Men on horseback – station to station c.) Encouraged Europeans to pursue voyages of exploration 2.) Pax Mongolica d.) For about a century, two continents united e.) Adapted legal conventions from some of conquered people f.) Mongols convert to/adopt local religions 3.) Spread of bubonic plague g.) Flea/plague infested rats eating off Mongol grain feedsacks h.) Followed trade routes i.) 25 million in China, 1/3 of Europe 6. Dealt final blow to manorialism j.) Plague devastated areas took 100 years to return population/economic vigor 3. Turks 4. Vikings d. Nordic peoples from Scandinavia 4.) Skilled invaders, explorers, traders, colonists 5.) Small, maneuverable boats k.) Raided/terrorized coastal communities l.) Maritime skill took them to the new world – briefly colonized N. America 7. Newfoundland – Leif Ericsson 6.) Favorite targets – monasteries – burned/plundered 7.) Eventually evolved from plunderers to traders 8.) Established communities in Scotland, France, Eastern Europe m.) Settlements known as Norman “Northmen” n.) 1066 Norman lord – William invaded England 8. Defeated Saxons – established Norman power/Britain 9.) Over time Christianized and absorbed into larger European feudal order e. Culture 10.) Warrior-centered worldview – afterlife for fighters 11.) Polytheistic religion – anthropomorphic nature gods – Thor thunder god 12.) Economy based on plunder/agriculture 13.) Legal assemblies – “tings” – doubled as councils and courts 14.) “runic” written language with magical attributes 15.) skilled metal castings and well-made knitwear f. Effects on Europe 16.) Raided/conquered most of coastal Europe – down to Mediterranean o.) expert sailors/fierce warriors – didn’t need coast to navigate 17.) Settled Iceland, Greenland, England, Scotland, Ireland, France 18.) Established trade routes 19.) By forcing nations to defend from attacks p.) Eventually led to the centralizing of authority 20.) Normans on England q.) Henry II – greatest early Norman king 9. Jury trials 10. Royal circuit judges to settle disputes 11. Married Eleanor of Aquitaine – previous queen of France 1. Parts of France absorbed by England 12. Era of expansion 13. Handled nobles r.) Successors drained royal coffers while protecting lands 14. Last of sons King John forced to sign Magna Carta 2. British tradition of shared powers 3.