Lord of the Flies Essay

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After reading Lord of the Flies, I learned one lesson and one lesson only. That lesson is tried to cope with everyone as much as possible when you are in a situation like this. You don’t know what kind of situation like this. You don’t know what kind people of you are dealing with or what crazy thoughts are running through their head. I also learned that After reading this book I realized that it’s safe to watch the people around you because they may seem okay but you can have the slightest idea on what they are up to , and also if you’re in a confrontational situation with someone try to work it out in a peaceful manner because in the book they showed how some of the characters were dying for small things considered to be nothing. This book could have been much more peaceful if the kids knew how to get along and weren’t so gullible. Instead the kids all had to give their 2 cents which resulted in a lot of people dying over nothing. The problem and conflict in Lord of the Flies started with a group of young boys’ airplane crashing into a jungle. Throughout the story these boys with different personalities try to cope along with one another in hope of survival and being rescued. As always, everybody didn’t see eye to eye on each decision being made so much conflict took place. The way Golding decided to solve their problem was to turn each kid on one to the point where they were all dead. The story takes place on an island. This island isn’t specifically located on map but vividly detailed by the author on how the island looked. He said it was a located in a jungle. The ocean was in plain sight and there were many Rocky Mountains. In the beginning of the book it states how the plane crashed on the island during the mist of a war that was occurring at the same time , and on the plane were was group of Britain boys there were two boys by the names of Ralph, Piggy, Jack , and Simon. Ralph was the leader of the group at first the boys were enjoying this time because there weren’t any adults on the trip of this time so they took advantage of it, and one day when a ship passed by there were all in horror because of it Not long after the meeting, some military planes engage in a battle high above the island. The boys, asleep below, do not notice the flashing lights and explosions in the clouds. This book simply reminded me when I was in elementary school and I was going to Murphy Candler and the school day was over , my friend Chelsea and I were on the bus and I guess it had been a long day at school because we both fell asleep on the bus , so after the bus driver had dropped off the last group of kids, and was heading back to the school to drop the bus driver as the she was cleaning the bus and found us two still asleep on the bus and our parents were looking for that whole afternoon. If I was the author of the book Lord of the Flies I would create a ending little different. I don’t think the boys should have died in the book they way that they did I would keep them alive because I don’t like death but I know one day we all are going to have to face it soon or later , but I would also make the book more…